Nummirock 2021 as a Virtual Festival!

Nummirock 2021 was held as a Virtual Festival on June 24th & 25th and streamed LIVE from Nummijärvi, Kauhajoki, Finland. For more info about the Live stream head over to the Virtual Festival page.

36th Nummirock Metal Festival will be held in June 2022

The upcoming Midsummer Nummirock will be held to June 22-25, 2022.

Here you are, The daily schedule!
At the same time, the a few extra line-up additions will be announced - domestic Ember Falls and Crimson Sun.

- Two-day and one-day tickets will go on sale on May 1, 2022 (including premium).
- Saturday's family tickets for the Hevisaurus concert will go on sale on May 1st.
- Four-day pre-sale ticket from 1.5.2022 onwards will be 155€. As usual, the ticket price includes a car and tent space at the legendary campsite.
- PREMIUM tickets are possible to be purchaced by over 18 year olds.
- Pre-sale tickets can be bought here: Tiketti ja Lippu.fi


What about the tickets?

Advance tickets purchased for the Nummirock 2020 and 2021 festivals will go as is to the 2022 festival, and the ticket holder does not have to do anything.

Advance ticket sales will normally continue. Four-day festival ticket price is € 155 (+ processing fee). The price of a four-day PREMIUM advance ticket is 185 € (+ handling fee).

Refunding bought tickets

It is also possible to get the money paid back from the tickets, except for the processing costs according to the following instructions by 30.6.2021:

Advance tickets purchased from Tiketti and Lippu.fi can be returned using the form found on these websites at www.tiketti.fi/palautalippuja and web.lippu.fi/palautus.

2022 Tickets and Location

Getting your tickets

Tickets are available online from Lippu.fi, and Tiketti as well as their outlets all over Finland. Tickets can also be booked at the nearest R-kioski or pick up from there directly without any reservations.


Ticket prices including delivery costs

4 Days

159,00 €

At gate: 175 €

2 Days (Thu-Fri)

139,50 €

At gate: 150 €

2 Days (Fri-Sat)

139,50 €

At gate: 150 €

4 and 2 days tickets include access to a guarded camp grounds + a place for your tent & car for the duration of your ticket validity.





33,50 €

At gate: 50€


40 €

Only at the gate


189,00 €

At gate: 205€

2 Days PREMIUM (Thu-Fri)

169 €

At gate: 180 €

2 Days PREMIUM (Fri-Sat)

169 €

At gate: 180 €

Nummirock Premium UPDATE package (Thu-Sat) K-18

  • Admission to NummiKievari during three festival days 22.6.2022 - 25.6.2022
  • Direct view to the main stage from the area.
  • Opportunity for a different dining experience.
  • Opportunity to meet bands at a meet & greet event.
  • Own toilet services in the area.
  • Age limit 18.
  • NOTE! Festival ticket must be purchased separately!


4-day Premium package (4-day ticket and 3-day Premium bracelet)

  • Admission to NummiKievari during three festival days 22.6.2022 - 25.6.2022
  • Direct view from the area to the RadioRock stage (main stage).
  • Opportunity for a different dining experience.
  • Opportunity to meet bands at a meet & greet event.
  • Own toilet services in the area.
  • Age limit 18.
  • NOTE! Includes a four-day festival ticket and camping for the entire event.

One day ticket is valid until 10AM the next morning. excluding ticket for Wednesday.
There a parking area for day visitors, if you are not staying over night at festival own camping area. Camping and staying over night in the car is forbidden in day parking.
Under 10 years old kids are allowed to enter free to the festival area with them parents.

Arriving from abroad

Flights to Finland should be directed to either (VAA), Tampere (TMP) or Helsinki (HEL) International airports. All destinations mentioned have good public transportation options to Kauhajoki and Nummirock. Designated Nummirock buses from Seinäjoki train station to the festival will be arranged (Timetables to be announced later).

Ferry arrivals should be directed to either Vaasa, Turku or Helsinki ports (Wasaline, Viking Line, Tallink Silja Line).

Where is Nummirock located?

You can reach the heaviest of midsummer celebrations at the Nummijärvi lake in Kauhajoki also on all fours, but we recommend one of the following travel options:

The easiest way to Nummirock is by car. Find a ride on the Imperiumi forum or on Facebook. You can also travel to Seinäjoki by train, from where the Nummirock busses will take you to the festival. Find the festival map here.

View larger map

Driving Directions

The passengers on the backseats can give the drivers the following directions to Nummirock.

Google Maps' directions from Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Jyväskylä and Pori.

Print the directions by clicking on print on the top left side. For the GPS, type in this address: Nummijärventie 385, 61910 Nummijärvi (Municipality of Kauhajoki)

By train to Seinäjoki and by bus to Nummirock

The Seinäjoki train station is just next to where the Nummirock buses that take you to the festival leave from. Find the Rock bus schedule for Seinäjoki-Kauhajoki-Nummijärvi here. There are no busses to Seinäjoki before Sunday, only to the center of Kauhajoki.

Instructions to new and old festival goers

1. Getting ready

Food and Camping

Please take all needed equipment such as food, drinks, sleeping bag, camping stuff and warm clothes with you. NB! The midsummer nights often get cold, so liquid warmth is not enough to keep you warm during the long nights.

CASH: The nearest ATM is in the center of Kauhajoki 25 km from the festival area. So, make sure to take enough cash with you for the whole festival. Most festival booths also accept the most common bank and credit cards.

2. Arrival

Rock Buses

During Nummirock festival the Rock busses run from the travel centrum (matkahuolto) in Seinäjoki to the festival area. Bus schedules will be announced later.

Please note!
This year, there are also busses going from Pori to Nummirock, and back to Pori on Sunday. The Rock buses do not go from Nummirock to Seinäjoki every day, only on Sunday morning.


Every festival goer can move around the festival area freely with the wristband. You can exchange your ticket for a wristband at the main gate. The wristband also gives you access to the camping area. Damaged or lost wristbands are not replaced.

3. Camping



You can park your car directly next to your tent. Also with a day ticket you can park at the camping area. Alternatively, you can park your car at the parking space in front of the area. From there, it is easier to leave as no tents will be blocking our way. In case of any car trouble, you can contact the info point.


It is allowed to build larger structures at the Nummirock camping site. The festival goers are responsible for the deconstruction and removal of the structures. Also make sure, that the structures are safe for you and your neighbors. The organizer has the right to object to too large or vast structures.


You can also park your caravan or camper at the camping area. Power connections (4a or 6A) can be booked through this form. After sending off the completed form, you will get a receipt that we have received your request.

To confirm your reservation, please pay the power connection IMMEDIATELY. We will send you the payment information. Once we have received the payment, we will send you an email confirmation of your reservation.

The reservation is valid from Wednesday 6 p.m. to Sunday at noon. Requested but not paid power connections will be freed up again after 5 work days.


If you bring along a generator, please note that the festival area is located on a water protection area. This means that you need to place a suitable protection tray under the generator to ensure that there won’t be any groundwater contamination. Please also be extremely careful when refueling the agregator in order to not spill any gas on the ground. We therefore highly recommend using a funnel.

Festival staff has the right to shut down unprotected generators. The protection of all aggregates will be checked.

4. During the Festival


Taking photographs is allowed at the festival area. Recording audio or video is prohibited under copyright low. Both organizers and band members have the right to confiscate any unauthorized recordings.

Serving Areas / Bars

There are three bar areas at the festival. Close to the Vihreä stage you can find Fosters Live, and at the shore, next to the Inferno stage is the Fosters Beach. Minimum age limit for admission is 18, ID checks at the gates.

Swimming / Bathing

The festival area is beautifully located at the shores of Nummijärvi lake. Swimming is permitted but please be careful when diving or jumping into the water because of the treacherous stones.

Advertising & Promotion

Any distribution or mounting of advertisement is strictly prohibited in the whole festival area.

5. Stages

This year, there are at least 4 stages at Nummirock. You can find their location on the map. Surprise performances by surprise artists are possible ;)

The stages are guarded and closed to the public. Potential troublemakers will have their wristband removed.

The Tobacco Law strictly forbids smoking in front of the stages. Designated smoking areas in the festival area are marked on the map. By following the Tobacco Law you create an enjoyable festival environment also for non-smokers.

6. The camp area

The Nummirock camping area is intended for festival goers only. Camping is included in the 4-day ticket, and the camping area is located just next to the festival area.

Festival goers with a 1-day ticket have the right to be at the camping area for the duration of their ticket. There will be controls during the festival and persons without valid ticket will be expelled from the area.

The sale of day tickets for Friday starts after the Thursday program has ended. Holders of one day ticket for Friday can stay at the camping area overnight from Friday to Saturday. Holders of a day ticket for Saturday can stay at the camping area overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

The camping area is guarded but keep an eye on your belongings. Nummirock does not take responsibility for stolen or lost property. If there is a wildfire risk, open fire is strictly forbidden!


7. Services

Rock office

The Rock office is located in the building inside the festival area.


The information point, coat check and lost & found are located next to the main gate. Ask for lost property, and hand over found items like wallets, phones and keys there. After Midsummer, lost items will be handed over to the Kauhajoki Police Department.

The coat check costs 4€, and each subsequent visit 1€

Relaamo Lounge

For your comfort, also this year there will be a Relaamo area on the festival grounds where you can recharge yourself and your mobile device. You can charge your cell phone at Relaamo with your own charger for free.

You can also enjoy a late breakfast at Reelamo or a tasty home-cooked meal for lunch or dinner, and even enjoy a sweet dessert. Vegetarian options are available.

There is also a small bar area at Relaamo, and you can purchase basic food and necessities like bread, grill goods, lemonade etc.

Relaamo to the rescue


At the border of the festival area you can find Finland’s best sauna truck that also functions as the Nummirock VIP sauna. In front of the VIP sauna there is also a small bar area where you can conveniently enjoy a drink while you sauna.

More information on the VIP and regular sauna can be found on the Nummirock sauna page.

8. Opening Hours

Detailed opening hours will be announced later.

9. Shopping

Sales Booths

There are several sales and food booths at the festival and camping area. The Nummirock shop is located in the lower festival area in the big RELAAMO tent There you can buy band shirts as well as the latest Nummirock merchandise.

The small convenience store in Nummijärvi is not open!
But at Relaamo you can find a small selection of food and other necessities.

10. Staff / Workers


There is a reserved parking area for staff approx. 200m away from the festival area. When arriving at the festival area, staff can pick up their wristbands by showing ID at the info point. Calculate queuing time! Staff reports at their work station early (ca. 15-30 min before shift start), where they receive instructions by the supervisor and can familiarize themselves with their tasks.


In addition to the festival ticket, the staff receives one voucher for food and coffee. Staff can dine in the canteen of the large building at the festival area. Traditional fare is on offer, also vegetarian options are available.

11. Safety

First aid

There is a staffed first aid station close to the camping area that is open 24/7 to make sure everyone receives the help they need. Please stay alert and report people in need to the festival staff immediately. Please remember that failure to render assistance is a crime!


It is strictly prohibited to bring bottles, glassware, intoxicating substances and sharp weapons to the festival area!  For safety reasons, we also ask you to only bring cans and plastic bottles to the camping area. Avoid glass bottles!


To ensure safety on and off stage, e.g. crowd surfing is prohibited.  Troublemakers will be removed from the area, and will have their wristband taken.

12. Departure


Campers are responsible for the dismantling and removal of structures they build.


Nummirock strives to keep nature clean and has now decided to recycle as much waste as possible. At the entrance gate, each camper will receive two waste bags (a bright one and a black one). In the bright one you collect all combustible waste (food scraps, plastic, paper, wrapping, etc.) and in the black bag metal waste. Additionally, there is a waste collection point with recycling containers for clean cardboard and glass at the area. You can read more about waste disposal in the brochure or contact the info point if something is unclear. Please help us clean up by bringing your waste to the waste collection point. You can ask the security staff at the camping area for more waste bags if needed. Please also take your glassware to the collection point, and give cans and bottles with deposits to the collectors. Please leave your camping area clean and tidy upon departure. Nature will thank you. Read more on the recycling during the festival here.

13. Hotel

The nearest hotel is in the center of Kauhajoki. You can reach the hotels conveniently with the Rockbusses at the beginning of the festival days and get back home at the end. Located in the center of Kauhajoki there is the hote Kauhajoen Krouvi just next to the travel center (matkahulto) from where the Rockbusses leave.

Hotel Aronkeidas is located approximately 5 km from Kauhajoki’s center and the busses also drive by there. The festival busses do not drive to Seinäjoki at the end of the festival days.

14. Friend Card (Ystävänkortti toiminta)

At Nummirock, the Friend Card (Ystävänkortti) is valid. As the owner of such a card, your friend/support person can attend the festival free of charge.

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